Band: Pointing Finger
Album: Milestone
Genre: Hardcore / Youth Crew
Origin: Portugal
Year: 2007
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Track List:
01. Comeback
02. Milestone
03. Far Too Close
04. Best Left Alone
05. Admission
06. What Answer?
07. Set In Stone
08. One Chance
09. Said And Done
10. Fingerprint
11. She Won't Forget
12. Can't Keep Me Down


shelly said...

pointing finger are from Portugal.

xBDx said...

i know!
i keep making mistakes like this because i have a form that i use for all cds, with html and some fixed info, and since most bands are from the usa i tend to miss that one, or the fixed rapid share link i have just for spacing purposes (brotherhood "words run..") so if you click on a link and you get that, you know what's happened. hehe sorry, i'm trying to have everything neat and tidy. so thanks for pointing this one out!